IOC Parser

A Fast and Reliable service that enables you to extract Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and intelligence from different data sources.

Feature 01

IOC Parsing

Extract IOCs from a variety of sources such as Blogs, PDFs, CSV, and much more.

Feature 03

IOC Sources (WIP)

Ingest aggregated Sources to understand what kinds of attacks are trending in the wild.

Feature 04

IOC Intel (WIP)

Ingest extra Intel about IOCs to gain a deeper understanding about the threats.


It is common for security analysts and companies to share their research through Blogs, PDFs, and CSV files. IOC Parser makes this time-consuming process easy by automatically extracting and aggregating these IOCs.

What you get
  • Supports multiple IOC types
  • Supports extracting defanged IOCs
  • Supports multiple Encoding Types
  • Supports whitlisting of IOCs

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